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1. You can easily share content by using the “share” buttons at the bottom of each post. If the “share” buttons don’t meet your needs, please read on.

2. For any photo, recipe, story or any other content, please link back to the content page and reference this blog.

For example: Kuih Kodok (Banana Fritters) by Our Kitchen Roots

3. Excerpts and links are okay, provided that full and clear credit is given (as outlined in No. 2 above). Never share content in part or in its entirety.

Never: photo and recipe, photo and story, or any other written or multimedia content.

4. No more than one photo per referenced post.

5. If this policy does not fit how you’d like to use my content, please contact me. I’d be honored to hear from you.

Original content is time-consuming; sometimes it’s downright hard. That’s why the content on this blog is copyrighted. Don’t steal. It forces me to take unpleasant action.

Let’s enjoy each other and share respectfully, okay?

~ G.