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The Divine Lady of Mid-Autumn Festival

Instead of looking for the man in the moon, try looking for the lady the next time the moon is full. According to Chinese legend, the beautiful and divine lady Chang’e (pronounced chung-er), dwells on the moon, forever pining for her beloved husband on Earth.

When the Chinese community celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep. 13, offerings of mooncakes and fresh fruit will be made under the night sky to Chang’e. Sometimes known as the Mooncake or simply, Moon Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second-largest celebration in the Chinese culture, behind only Chinese New Year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival comes a little earlier this year — on Sep. 13 (it was Sep. 24 last year). But on the Chinese lunar calendar, it’s always on the 15th day of the 8th moon. The day just doesn’t always correspond to the more widely used Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese lunar calendar calls for a full moon onSep. 13. Barring any clouds, you’ll see the lunar calendar is always spot on! All around the world, moon-gazing is the activity of choice. The roundness of the moon symbolizes the completeness of family. Family members near and far reunite for dinner, then step outdoors to continue the celebration. The night is illuminated with paper lanterns – both hung outdoors as well as hand-carried ones.

Go ahead, visit your favorite Asian bakery and stock up on the countless varieties of mooncakes. Or make your own: Doll Mooncake Recipe.

Most importantly, enjoy the moment with your loved ones. Happy moon-gazing!

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