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    Colombian Tamales for Lunch

    “It feels like Sunday mornings,” she said, her eyes smiling and looking at the tamal in front of her. This is what the tamal does to my friend – it transports her…

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    A Coppin’s Thanksgiving

    Today, Coppin’s Restaurant and Bar offered its first Thanksgiving buffet. Once a fashionable department store and more recently, the city building, the 106-year-old building on Madison Avenue and Seventh Street in Covington,…

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    Congee at Home

    Congee… its silky warmth has the power to unfurl the most knotted of feelings. In its most basic form, congee is a simple white porridge of rice and water. It’s soft, mushy…

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    Recipe: Kuih Kodok (Banana Fritters)

    These easy-to-make banana fritters are a street-side favorite in Malaysia. Slightly overripe bananas are ideal for this recipe - they inject maximum flavor and natural sweetness. The use of tapioca flour ramps…